Milestones in Dialysis
Variable Dialysate Flow (Auto Flow) Dialysate flow, blood flow, the selected dialyzer and treatment time have an influence on the dialysis dose delivered to the patient. Today, nephrology professionals seek the opportunity to maximize clinical outcomes while operating within current economic constraints. Fresenius Medical Care has a history of developing technology focused on maximizing clinical as well as operational efficiencies.

Today, this tradition continues. All 2008K2 and 2008T hemodialysis machines are equipped with AutoFlow 1.5x and 2x. When the AutoFlow feature is selected, the dialysate flow is set to either 1.5 times or 2 times the blood flow in steps of 100 ml/min.* This feature is designed to support treatment efficiency at all blood flow rates. And if no blood is sensed and the blood pump is stopped, the 2008K2 system automatically activates the Idle Mode and reduces the dialysate flow to 300 ml/min. Clinics can recognize significant operational cost savings with the introduction of the feature.

*Blood flow and dialysate flow values are determined by physician prescription.
History of Firsts
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