Milestones in Dialysis
UF Profiling As the industry moved to treatment prescriptions based on the ability to deliver precise UF removal, nephrologists looked for technological methods to address hemodynamic stability for their most challenging patients. To meet the ever evolving needs of this community, Fresenius Medical Care incorporated UF Profiling on the 2008H machine. With this enhancement, the physician could prescribe a variable ultrafiltration rate. It was now possible to tailor fluid removal for patients with slow vascular refilling and adjust ultrafiltration rates throughout dialysis treatment.
History of Firsts
CDX Modular Design UF Profiling OnLine Clearance
Variable Dialysate Flow Single-Needle System Heat Disinfection
Intra-Dialytic Monitoring Volumetric Ultrafiltration
Ultrapure Dialysate Access Flow Measurement Sodium Profiling
Fresenius Medical Care