Milestones in Dialysis
Sodium Modeling As the industry moved to treatment prescriptions based on precise UF removal parameters, nephrologists looked for technological methods to further enhance hemodynamic management within the cardiovascular instable patient population.

The Sodium Variation System (SVS) on the 2008 series hemodialysis machines allowed the nephrology community to tailor the sodium content in the dialysate. With Step, Linear and Exponential profiles, dialysate sodium concentration levels could be altered in a manner that was clinically appropriate for each individual patient.

History of Firsts
CDX Modular Design UF Profiling OnLine Clearance
Variable Dialysate Flow Single-Needle System Heat Disinfection
Intra-Dialytic Monitoring Volumetric Ultrafiltration
Ultrapure Dialysate Access Flow Measurement Sodium Profiling
Fresenius Medical Care