Milestones in Dialysis
Single Needle System Recognizing Qb limitations associated with patient access in the 1980ís, Fresenius Medical Care introduced a single-needle system with the 2008C machine. The single-needle system continues to be available today. This pressure-controlled double-pump system is easy to use and provides a 40 ml stroke volume. It has been utilized in acute and chronic applications where access problems or one-site access is preferable and offers a one-needle option for facilities interested in developing in-center self-care programs.
History of Firsts
CDX Modular Design UF Profiling OnLine Clearance
Variable Dialysate Flow Single-Needle System Heat Disinfection
Intra-Dialytic Monitoring Volumetric Ultrafiltration
Ultrapure Dialysate Access Flow Measurement Sodium Profiling
Fresenius Medical Care