Milestones in Dialysis
OnLine Clearance Many factors influence effective clearance. Changes in dialyzer surface area exposure, reduced blood flow, inadequate dialysate flow, recirculation, and other complications can all lead to the under-delivery of the hemodialysis dose. Designed to assist clinicians with a method to assess effective clearance intra-dialytically, Fresenius Medical Care incorporated OnLine Clearance monitoring to the 2008K series machines. Utilizing conductivity sensors to measure the pre and post dialyzer change in the sodium concentration of dialysate to determine the effective dialyzer urea clearance throughout the treatment. Projected adequacy goal attainment is graphically presented. If the projected spKt/V* drops below target, the clinician is alerted.

*spKt/V = single pool Kt/V

History of Firsts
CDX Modular Design UF Profiling OnLine Clearance
Variable Dialysate Flow Single-Needle System Heat Disinfection
Intra-Dialytic Monitoring Volumetric Ultrafiltration
Ultrapure Dialysate Access Flow Measurement Sodium Profiling
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